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Noah Nordheimer | Founder & Managing Principal

Noah Nordheimer is a passionate visionary, leader and investor, with a 20-year record of consistently exceeding the goals and aspirations of his investment partners and community stakeholders.

In 2014, using his financial acumen and entrepreneurial expertise, Noah founded the Concerted Care Group (CCG) and created a uniquely integrated model of care that will improve patient outcomes in addiction treatment. Noah often speaks publicly about the flawed “siloed” approach that most providers take to treating addiction in the United States, an approach that he views as less than efficacious. So, rather than separating the modalities from each other, he has instead done the opposite: CCG’s innovative approach moves addiction treatment, behavioral health, primary and preventative care, as well as other critical components others call “wrap around services”, under one roof. Noah’s vision is reshaping how substance abuse treatment is addressed, elevating and redefining the standards of care and post-treatment possibilities for both patients and families. The CARF Accreditors have praised Noah and CCG, saying: “They are doing what 1-2% of providers are even thinking about doing and doing it exceptionally well.”

Noah’s career trajectory has been leading him towards this very place. He served as Senior Vice President of the NFAHS, Inc., where he maintained annual development budgets of $50-$200 million. Prior to being at NFAHS, Noah served as Director of the Transwestern Commercial Services LLC, a privately held global commercial real estate firm, at the age of 24 and after only 3 years with the company. He has also been hands-on in the creation and deployment of complex capital formation strategies, including: Multi-Layered Public-Private Debt & Equity Structures; Federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credits; U.S. Treasury Equity Investment (New Market Tax Credits); Fixed Rate- and Variable Rate Tax Exempt Bonds; and EB5 Equity & Debt, among other investment vehicles.

Aaron Voros | Principal

Aaron Voros is a former NHL player and restaurateur who is bringing his business acumen and personal understanding of addiction to the CCG team as Managing Director. Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Aaron aspired to play in the NHL from a very young age. His dream was realized when he was drafted straight out of high school in 2001 by the New Jersey Devils. Over the course of 10 seasons he played for the New Jersey Devils, the Minnesota Wild, the Anaheim Ducks, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the New York Rangers organizations. A well-respected player and advocate for his teammates, Aaron was Team President for both the Ducks and the Rangers, where he served as a liaison between the players and the owners, doctors, and the players association. However, beset by injuries and concussion concerns towards the end of his career, Aaron began to self-medicate and developed a substance abuse problem of his own.

After leaving the league in 2010, Aaron began reflecting upon his own addictions and behaviors. He successfully conquered his substance abuse issues and has since built a second career in business by opening two restaurants in Manhattan, serving as an Advisor to the Board of Trigger Media from 2012-2014, and then as President of Power Play Capital from 2014-2017. However, Aaron felt he still needed to do something to help those who, like him, struggle with addiction. Having experienced the difficulties that come with living a sober life, he decided that he could draw from that knowledge to help others looking to change their lives for the better. Aaron started by reaching out to former NHL players who were struggling with addiction. He found a profound sense of shame and extreme privacy amongst high-profile individuals dealing with substance abuse, and came to realize that few facilities exist where such people can get treatment in settings also adequately address their unique situations. Aaron has made it his mission to provide a space for recovering addicts like these to get healthy, where they can address how their high-pressure lifestyles contributed to their dependence upon drugs and alcohol, and find their way to long-term sobriety.

Jeremy Zacharias | Associate, Business Development & Strategy

Jeremy Zacharias joined the APN team in 2018. Blending his never-ending passion for helping others and his business acumen, he has already contributed substantially to the APN team.

In 2015, after enrolling in one of the nation’s top undergrad business programs specializing in finance, he spent his first two academic summers at one of Chicago’s largest revenue cycle management firms. Quickly recognized by the company’s CEO for his work ethic and commitment to success, Jeremy was selected to lead the company’s sales team working with the company’s executive management. The following year, Jeremy interned at Esquire Bank and was selected among the intern class to assist the company’s CFO in his day-to-day duties. In the Spring of 2019, Jeremy will be graduating with distinction for his efforts in and out of the classroom from the Kelley School of Business honors college.

Fueled with an intensely curious mindset and hungry to make a lasting impact and at APN, Jeremy will work tirelessly to see through the success of both APN and company stakeholders. Jeremy is an associate for APN Capital with APN Lodge being his portfolio assignment.